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Staff Advisor

Veteran Military Services

VMS provides critical funding throughout the school year to make our events a success. This office supports our endeavors and always encourages us to continue our outreach to veterans on campus and the community as a whole.  Thank you VMS!

Veteran Certifying Official

Our certifying official, Tara McQeen, helps make sure that our student veterans can claim their GI Bill benefits on time! The Office of the Registrar is always available to help answer any questions we have, and they work closely with the Financial Aid Office to ensure there are no gaps in coverage for our student vets. Thank you Tara!

Melissa Engle

Melissa has devoted her life to helping veterans and during her time at the VA, she touched many of the lives of our U-M student veterans. She was awarded the first annual Distinguished Service Award for all of the time, effort and love she has given us and we are forever grateful. Thank you Melissa!

Brittany Terrell

Brittany has gone above and beyond to ensure our members receive the medical benefits they are entitled to and has saved our student veterans thousands of dollars on possible healthcare bills. She has made herself readily available to our organization and has shown dedication greater than anyone else we've encountered in her position. Thank you Brittany!

Chelsea Moore

Upon beginning her current position, Chelsea has placed the career interests of our student veterans on her priority list. She is proactive in ensuring our student veterans have everything they need to fulfill their professional aspirations, and is always happy to provide new resources and tips so that we all have a chance to succeed at U-M. Thank you Chelsea!

SVA National

The team at SVA National is always ready to include and assist our student chapter to make sure we continue to be a part of the events and resources available to all student veterans nationwide. We appreciate the time and effort that it takes to keep us in mind and in the loop and for all of the assistance we've received. Thank you SVA National!


Our sponsors make it possible for us to hold events year-round. This improves member participation, increases resources available, and supports our mission to create a community for our student veterans at the University. For a full list of our sponsors click here.

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